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Buy Women Ethnic Wear In New Delhi

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Kiaasa – Buy Women Ethnic Wear In New Delhi

Wondering what to wear to your big day at work? Or simply fussing about today’s college look? Worry not – whether you’re heading out for a day with your family or a fun evening with the girls, we have the perfect solution to your every fashion woe.

Step into the world of Kiaasa – where we take the hottest trends from the world over and give them a desi spin! Find a seamless fusion of Western styles and Indian sensibilities, topped off with thoughtful-detailing that will make you go ‘wow’!

Choose from an expansive assortment of Indo-western garments, footwear and accessories that will keep you at the top of your fashion game, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Team an easy-breezy yet elegant kurta with satin-smooth leggings, slip into a pair of quintessential flats, round up your look with a pair of classy earrings – and you’re good to go!

Whether you want to flaunt your ensemble and impress onlookers, or simply make a quiet statement, do it with élan! Let your mere presence do the talking, with Kiaasa’s exhaustive range:

  • Classic kurtis
  • Adorable accessories
  • Flattering footwear
  • Sweeping skirts
  • Pretty palazzos
  • Trendy tops
  • Jackpot of jackets
  • Bags to brag about

And much more!

So, are you ready to delve further into the world of Kiaasa? Set to rule the sartorial charts and make heads turn wherever you go? Then come along, marvel at the perfect blend of in-vogue fashion from around the world, that’s rooted in Indian ethics.

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Take the world in your stride!

As a woman, you don an array of roles throughout the day – from a good daughter to a better wife and the best mother. Add to it the responsibilities of a college topper, powerhouse boss or a caring colleague, and you have little to no time left for self-care. Let’s not forget the fact that you begin each new morning with the same old question of ‘what to wear’!

Amidst this hustle of daily life, it’s only fair you take time to indulge your spirit – and what better than some tender-loving retail therapy, minus the stress of overstepping your budget?

This is why Kiaasa brings you a fresh new range of the latest, most hip Indo-western attires that keep you looking and feeling great every day, sans being a pocket-pinch. It’s time you put those worries aside and get ready to take on the world at your confident best!

Kurtis :

‘I have plenty new kurtis in my closet, I don’t need to shop for more,’ said NO woman ever. It’s a wardrobe must-have! The versatility of the humble kurta and its sibling, the kurti, is unbelievable. They come in both mute pastels and a riot of colours, yet, what remains constant is the comfort factor. Pair your flowing kurta with simple leggings when you’re expecting a long day ahead. Then, quickly slip into a pretty, embellished kurti with slim-fit jeans before heading out for dinner with your gang.

Pajamas :

Think pajama, think comfort. There are no two ways about it. Don’t you often dream about rushing home from work so you can quickly change into a cosy pair? Even at its stylish best, the pajama is one of the dreamiest garments. What’s more, your cupboard always has room for one more!

Palazzo :

Gorgeous as a skirt, yet snug as a pant, the palazzo is that one piece of clothing that has grown exponentially in terms of its popularity with the youth of India. It goes well with long kurtas, short kurtis, and sleeveless/ off-shoulder tops alike. Palazzos come in a flush of colours and ethnic prints – suited for casual outings and the workplace too. Give your jeans a miss – opt for a palazzo instead!

Skirt :

Skirts have a charm of their own. Every woman has been mesmerized by the sheer gorgeousness of a long skirt, at some point in her life. It depicts and accentuates feminity, unlike any other attire. So, tap into your feminine side with a graceful, fluid skirt from Kiaasa.

Blouse :

A blouse is the foundation of fashion and the epitome of elegance – from a loose, easy-fit top paired with pants to a well-fitted one worn under a saree. Blouses complement jeans, sarees, Patiala bottom-wear, leggings, jeggings, capris, shorts – you name it, they work it.

Jacket :

Layering is a fashion yes-yes, it’s an absolute must; and jackets have been saviors for years, on every occasion! When mom asks you to go buy a dozen eggs but you just don’t want to change out of your comfy tracksuit, what do you do? Cover it up with a jacket, of course! Want to highlight the charm of your brand new outfit? Couple it with a jacket! Do you have to repeat a shirt too soon? Throw on a smart jacket. There’s just no denying the perks of owning a good jacket!

Dupatta :

The modest dupatta has been associated with the Indian culture since ages. Even today, it holds its rightful place amid a flurry of international brands making their way into the country. The reason it has survived is its adaptability. There’s so much you can do with it! Match one with your salwaar-suit, wear an embroidered one to brighten up a plain kurta or put one on with your favourite kurti.

Kiaasa welcomes the trusted dupatta to the Indo-western world!

Bags :

Go ahead, b(r)ag about it!

A woman shares as intimate a relationship with her bag, as she does with her best friend. You’ll rarely see her step out without a bag – whether it’s a funky sling bag, an ornate clutch bag or a convenient handbag. Every girl owns a collection and can pick out her most favorite one in a heartbeat. After all, no look is ever complete without a bag!

In keeping with your fondness for bags, Kiaasa presents an assortment that you will fall in love with!

Sling bags :

For the smart minimalist who likes to keep her stuff organized and look trendy at the same time, a sling bag is an ideal match. It is perfect if you like to have only a few basic items at hand – easily accessible but not in your pocket. Throw in your wallet, phone, a bottle of water and a kajal, maybe, and you’re done!

Handbags :

The polar opposite of a sling bag is the generous handbag, willing to take the load of all things necessary (and unnecessary). If you’re the kind who carries things ‘just in case’, you may want to buy yourself a handbag – preferably a large one! Don’t worry, we stock smaller ones too (you know, just in case).

Clutch bags :

There’s no one quite as classy as a woman carrying a clutch bag. It enhances the appearance of any outfit, whether you’re wearing a chic long skirt, a bright salwaar suit, a demure kurta or a sophisticated saree. It’s the right way toad a dash of verve to your look for the day and Kiaasa brings you a whole range that will leave you spoilt for choice!

Tote bags :

A tote bag is probably the most fun bag of the lot! It is light and spacious, comes colored in a variety of hues and is designed in attention-grabbing patterns. Everybody loves it, especially the youth. You could call it the bag of the new generation! Pair it with a casual outfit for a chill day and get ready to have people stopping you to ask, “Where did you get that bag from?”

Accessories :

You know you love your accessories & so do we!

Stepping out without a pair of earrings or at least a scarf to accentuate your look, amounts to sacrilege. The reason we love trinkets as much as you is that they are flexible – you could wear a bracelet to match or have your neckpiece in sharp contrast to your top, and it will still work wonders.

Accessorising is integral to getting dressed, whether it’s for a special occasion or a relaxed stroll in the park. After all, it isn’t always about decking up to impress others; sometimes you just do it for yourself.

Earrings :

You feel incomplete without a good pair of earrings to flaunt, don’t you? That’s all right, we understand. Earrings are arguably the most essential part of an ensemble. From studs to danglers, rhinestones to peals and ornate to simple, they’re precious. Never walk out without putting on the right set of earrings; it will highlight all the right features of your face and work in tandem with your outfit.

Bracelet :

Sometimes, all you need is some tender loving care – at other times, you just need a bracelet. It’s uncanny how wearing a simple band around the wrist is powerful enough to complete both you and your attire. What’s amazing is that they go well with every imaginable Indo-western outfit!

Necklace :

The necklace is like a modern-day crown, for it’s fit for a queen. A beautifully-crafted traditional neckpiece can elevate an outfit from regular to regal. There’s no underestimating the simple chain-and-pendant either. If you have a plain top, accessorize with a good neck set and watch it transform the attire from to drab to glam!

Scarves :

A little surfing on the internet reveals there are 100+ ways of wearing a scarf – such is its versatility! Team it up with a kurta, a kurta, a regular blouse or your salwar suit. Wear an understated pair of earrings and keep other accessories basic for maximum effect!

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